How Ann Successfully Sold Her Father’s House

(Ann just after closing her sale.)

Ann J lived two counties away from her late father’s house.  Although she was both the sole heir and the executrix her life was consumed with her job and family.  The task of preparing and selling her dad’s house was all that was left to close out probate, but it seemed overwhelming.

The house was full of her parents furniture and papers.  Although it was a fine solid colonial home on a lake in an area with great demand the interior of the house had not changed since the 1980s. There was wallpaper everywhere. The kitchen and baths were old. The deck was aging. Overall there just seemed to be so much to do.

We met with Ann and have her the choice of selling it exactly as is with an appropriate discount for the buyer having to clear it out and clean it, having it emptied and cleaned and selling it as is, or going further and updating it to capture more of the maximum potential price available.  We recommended, and Ann chose, the middle course.  She removed the items her family valued. Then she paid some movers to move the furniture she wanted to keep to storage near her own home. Next she paid a clear out firm to remove and dispose of everything else. Lastly she had a cleaning crew go through.

We listed it on a Thursday with an Open House on a Sunday and had multiple offers on Monday.  It sold for cash, with no contingencies, no inspections, and over asking price. It closed in just over two weeks between Christmas and New Years.

The home sale is behind Ann and she is moving on with her life.  You can hear and view her brief video comments here.