How John and Tom Sold Mother’s Home

(John and Tom just after closing sale of mother’s house.)

John and Thomas were co-executor’s of their late mother’s estate.  They had handled most of the probate and now needed to sell their mom’s house.  The house was a grand old brick split foyer in a valuable area on a half acre lot.  It was also full of all of their mother’s personal property, including valuable jewelry known to be hidden somewhere.

The brothers and their families commenced sorting through items and packing things up weekend by weekend.  They held a garage sale style estate sale in the driveway each weekend.

Room by room they emptied things out  As they progressed they had us list the home for sale as coming soon.  People coming to the estate sale wanted to make offers on the house so they had us switch the listing to offers considered.  Multiple offers were received and a non-contingent, one with no concessions that was almost exactly the appraised value was accepted, even though the house was still being emptied out.

The families finised emptying the house, and they did find the valuable jewelry hidden in the bottom of a bag of potpouri in the back of a closet.

With the sale complete the probate process was completed and everyone moved on.

You can hear their brief description of how it went here.